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Learn More About Judge Neil Gorsuch

Check out this factsheet from our colleagues at the Alliance for Justice on Judge Gorsuch’s past rulings and how his lifetime nomination to the Supreme Court could impact the lives of women, daily.

Call for Action: Supreme Court at Risk

Call Senator King and Senator Collins to tell them that Judge Gorsuch must not be confirmed. Judge Gorsuch has proven that he will not protect women’s reproductive rights and workers’ rights through his past rulings restricting women’s coverage to birth control and denying employee protections from discrimination and unfair treatment. Find the contact information for…


OP-ED: Americans deserve a labor secretary who respects workers and women

Americans deserve a labor secretary who respects workers and women By Eliza Townsend, Special to the BDN January 31, 2017 Andrew Puzder is a flawed nominee for the secretary of labor. The mission of the U.S. Department of Labor is “to foster, promote, and develop the welfare of the wage earners of the United States,…


PRESS RELEASE: Senator Collins Urged to Oppose Jeff Sessions: Sessions’ record makes him a dangerous nominee for Attorney General, warn Maine groups

AUGUSTA, January 11, 2017 – In light of Senator Susan Collins’ decision to deliver introductory remarks at Senator Jeff Sessions’ Senate Judiciary Hearing on January 10th, a diverse group of ­Maine organizations is calling on Senator Collins to take the time to carefully consider Jeff Sessions’ record – and ultimately reject his nomination for Attorney…


Activist Update

“EVERY MOMENT IS AN ORGANIZING OPPORTUNITY, EVERY PERSON A POTENTIAL ACTIVIST, EVERY MINUTE A CHANCE TO CHANGE THE WORLD.” – Dolores Huerta Welcome to Activist Update, your guide to activism in 2017. As we kick off the new year, one resolution many are making is to take action and become more of an activist. Whether you’re…


December News from the Maine Women’s Lobby

 “It always gets worse before it can get better. But it will get better. Like everything else, and like our past struggles, at some point we win, but before that win, there’s always that loss that spurs us on.” ―Dolores Huerta SUPPORT OUR WORK IN 2017 Sometimes it can feel like we keep fighting the…


November News from the Maine Women’s Lobby

We’ve been hearing a lot from our members and women around the state since the election—concern, sadness, fear, and disappointment as well as determination, passion, and commitment. No matter how hard the fight for progress is going forward, the Maine Women’s Lobby will be here for all of you. We understand your concerns and we…