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Become a Maine Women's Lobby Online Activist!

How to get involved with our work right from your desktop!

 Are you on Facebook or Twitter? Are you a blogger? Here are some simple ways to be an online activist for women - You are the key to getting the word out


•    Like the Maine Women’s Lobby and feel free to comment on our posts, repost and make posts of your own.
•    Don’t keep us all to yourself: Do you already like us? Well, tell your friends about us!
•    YOU are the key to success in our online organizing, please share action alerts often.


•    Follow the team: @mewomenslobby, @mewomenslobbyist (we’ll keep you in the know)
•    Respond, RT, and Mention our tweets (please use the @ before our handle so we can find your tweet and respond)
•    Use hash tags : #mewomen #MWL #TANF #mepolitics #meleg #megov
•    Get our action alerts? Tweet ‘em. (If you don’t get our action alerts, you are missing out, sign up here)



•    Subscribe to our RSS feed
•    Cross-post our posts (this means re-posting).
•    Do you want to be a guest blogger on our site? Send an email to

Thanks, as always, for your online activism!
See you on the World Wide Web